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What Is Iron Art?

Spring 2001  Vol. 1 No.3 

The only difference between iron hanging on a post and iron art is that the iron art was done by a craftsman of metal with skill in details. 
Sometimes the detail is simple and other times the detail has to be complex, possessing so much detail as to present a challenge to the builder and the person looking at it.  That is why iron art has a fascination to its flow of design.  At times it is simple and other times it has to be complex in design.  From time to time, we need to add some stained glass to our iron art. 
A few years ago, we designed and built a metal gazebo shaped like the Star of David.  It was 12 feet tall and we put stained glass at the upper part of all (6) legs and glass in part of the vents in the top.  The colors we used were a deep yellow and a sky blue.  With stained glass in the design, the gazebo came alive in design and beauty.  Now that is iron art. 

When you are designing an item, you can add different types of metal to your design or add some glass.  It not as hard as it looks.  When you are finished; 'Oh Wow... look at that!' is the response. 

Before you take on a stain glass-to-metal project keep in mind that, if it is going to be outdoors, the metal is going to flex from the sun's heat and the winter's cold.  Glass will not flex.  Given this, you are going to need to design some metal-to-glass brackets.  We used galvanized sheet metal strips and they worked. 

It is not that hard, we did it.  Skill in working iron makes the iron on the shelf to become art in the home.
Bye for now!  Smile God Loves You.

Bud M. Burns Company
established 1985


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