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Winter 2001 - Vol. 1 No. 2

It's good for you.  That way it keeps your brains from getting rusty.  It might blow a lot of grease seals (at least it feels like it sometimes).  But... that's ok.
"Design your own." I was told that a long time ago.
We do our own designing.  We get an idea, such as "Could you build me a wall hanger that is 17 inches long with two pigtail hooks coming down on the ends and one pigtail hook going up in the middle, with a heart over the end hooks-sounded good?"   Yes we can make that and... we did.  We have been toying with the idea of putting scrolls on the top of some of the wall hangers.  So, with that in mind, we made the new hanger. 
Now we need a name for that new wall hanger and my boy John said, "Dad, it looks like a water buffalo." so I named the new wall hanger -
John Burn's water buffalo -  #JBWB 318
which means three hooks on an eighteen inch beam.  Since we are flexible we can also use an eleven inch or twenty-five inch beam on this project.
Bye for now-Smile God loves you.

Bud M. Burns Company
established 1985


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