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Scrolls -- Why We Make Them The Way We Do.

Winter 2006 - Vol. 1 No. 4

Our rendition of the FIBONACCI SPIRAL
Sometime back I was in a meeting and the man across the table from me was writing numbers on a paper.  He was writing on the backside of the notes we had been given.  The number written were:


When the meeting was over, I asked him, "Do you know what that is?  So you really know?"  He answered "Yes, that is the Fibonacci Spiral."  Over the next few weeks I did a lot of research and then I found the answer that I wanted for my scroll.  The layout is the Fibonacci spiral which has a radius that is always changing.  That is what makes the spiral so fascinating.

With the scroll design on the drawing board, it still needed something else.  So we split the scroll and put a curl on the top, "Now that looks good!".  All we need to do now is to make the tooling, so we can make the scrolls the same size and shape.

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Applying the scroll to our new votive candle holder, we designed a three scroll votive candle holder which looked good.  Then we tried a six scroll votive candle holder but that looked just a little too busy - too much iron.  Well, then we retooled and did the five scroll votive candle holder.  Wow, this looks really nice!  I wanted one more design.  John, my boy, put together the six scroll votive candle holder putting three on top and three on the bottom.  Now I have my three different designs and they all look good using the Fibonacci Spiral.

Sometime back my wife and I were looking at some iron work in a town square.  At first, it looked good, but the more we looked at it the more we felt that there was something wrong with the flow of the over-all design.  Something was wrong.  Have you ever had that happen to you?  So, we walked away and looked at other things and then we came back.  NOW! I saw what was wrong, the artist was a little careless.  The inside of the scrolls were not the same... the item was small but the error was a big one.  This iron ended up being was just iron instead of the iron art it should have been.  That is why we spend so much time and thought on our designs and tooling - so the scrolls are the same size and shape.

One of the new scroll designs that comes to mind is a design where all the scrolls seem to be different sizes and yet the artist kept a good flow in design.  All these had the same center and it looked really good.

The proof is in the pudding.  The design needs to flow with your eyes moving through not having your eyes stop at something that is not right.

Iron art does not just happen.  There is a lot of planning and skill that goes into making that final product that sits in your home.

Bye for now,
Smile God Loves You

Bud Burns


Bud M Burns Co. (established 1985)

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