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Who Is Bud?

Bud and his folks moved to Washington State from South Dakota in the early 1940's.

"My first exposure to Blacksmithing was when I was quite young. One of my toys was a little metal truck and every so often the truck got run over, smashed flat, and I would take my truck to Jess's Blacksmith Shop to get it fixed. Jess could fix anything.

One of my relatives, Charley, hung out there. Charley is about 30 years older that I. Years later he would tell me about those notes my mother wrote and about the repair job on the little metal truck. Charley said that Jess would save all the little notes and then read them to the bunch that hung out at the blacksmith shop. Later, he said most of the notes were the same, "Tell Bud that you can not fix his truck and tell him to leave you alone because it cannot be fixed. It is smashed flat."

When I would bring the smashed truck to Jess with a note from my Mom, Jess would read the note to himself and then tell me, "Yes, I can fix your truck but it's going to take me awhile this time." Jess was a blacksmith and had made parts for that truck - wheels, bumpers and anything else he thought it needed... and little logs to haul in the truck too.

I knew Jess about 60 years ago and since then there has been a draw on my life to make things out of metal and over the years I too became a craftsman and a blacksmith worker of iron. Jess helped a lot of people that would like to have an item made of metal by a craftsman and Jess would make it for them. Many of these items were impossible to find and could only be made.

Over these years the gift that Jess gave me has brought me to this point in my life. That gift is to fill a need with my blacksmithing skills. We now have a website for the business that has been around since 1985 - www.Buds-Iron-Art.com

We will have a comment section for your thoughts and also a section for your suggestions on what type of new art, object, tool that we should consider making. For now, please email your thoughts and suggestions to me at

'Bye for now - Smile, God loves you!

Bud M Burns Co. (established 1985)

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